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Last Update: Apr 25, 2017

Drug Prevention & Counseling Unit

Chief Secretariat (NWP).



To achieve a province of prosperity, eliminated from Drug related problems and mental disorders.



To minimize trends that instigate younger/elder generation for drug abuse and to prevent drug abuse all the time while improving the conditions of mental health.



· To eradicate the stimulating avenues of drugs for non-drug users.

· To reduce the number of drug-users in the province.

· To intervene to do both guiding and counseling for drug addicts in the province.

· To counsel on various mental disorders.

· To educate and develop both the state officials and the public.


Target Groups

· School children and the youth.

· Non-drug users.

· Drug users.

· Religious leaders.

· Senior state officials.

· State field officers.

· Community leaders.

· Rural community.


Our Services

· Conducting awareness programs on drug prevention and counseling.

· Training of trainers for drug prevention and counseling.

· Intervention for rehabilitation of drug addicts.

· Psychological counseling for mental disorders.

· Conducting programs on “students personality development”.

· Conducting programs on “Community personality development”

· Convening the provincial ministries and departments to the quarterly progress review on drug prevention.

· Provision of guidance for school children to launch their project report on drug prevention.

· Provision of printed materials of information related to drug prevention.

· Working as a member in collaboration with” Sri Lanka Amadyapa Maha Sabha”

· Work as a member in collaboration with  the “National Drug Prevention Program” attached to the presidential secretariat.

Drug Prevention and Counseling Unit(DPCU) comes under the immediate supervision of the Deputy Chief secretary (Training).Mr. Asanka Bakmeewewa and Mrs Nawaratne Menike are the two officers  working in this unit. They are partially working as counselors  in addition to playing the role of co-ordination and lecturing.


Provincial Co-ordination Officer,                        (037-2220286, 071-8285412)

Drug Prevention & Counseling Unit

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