Welcome to the Statistical Unit

Vision :- "A prosperity North Western Province"


Mission :- "Giving Accuracy and Reliable Statistical Data for the sustainable development in the North Western Province"



Activities of Statistics Unit

Head of the Unit

  • Major Activity in this unit is collection, Processing and issuing quarterly report of provincial public services data .It comprises 8 members.(i,e-1 Ststistician , 6 Development officers and 1 karyala karya sahayake)
  • In addition to the above major role, Updating the Data Base of All Island Services, provincial management service and minor grades.



Director (Statistical),
Chief Secretary's Office,
North Western Province
01st Floor, NWP Office Complex
Sri Lanka.


+94 372223345


Fax :-

+94 372223345


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Work Discharge

  • Releasing data for existing cadre, vacancies and Duration of present working place.
  • Preparation of telephone Directory (Provincial / national)
  • Issuing of provincial national Data
  • Responding to the mail questionnaires receive from various organizations like Central Bank of Sri Lanka , Department of Management Services and etc.
  • Providing Data for University students and Researchers



(I). Details of Provincial Public Servants as Number existent, vacancies, duration of present working place and approved number for specific post.

(II). Providing secondary data (provincial / All Island, National Data) for the user.


About Unit

Statistical Unit is responsible for all Statistical works of Provincial Council.

Publication and Reports